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Warehousing & Distribution

We provide onshore logistics shore base operations covering Health, Safety and Environment / Field operators (Drivers, Riggers, Equipment Operators and Carpenters) / Lifting Operations / Storage /Transportation/documentation (way billing, reporting).

In all our operations, we adhere to the industry’s best practices used globally to support logistics and supply chains within the industry. Over the years, we have safely initiated, executed, monitored/controlled and closed out on various operations and projects.

We coordinate in house and external training for staff, especially the L.D.V., HDV drivers and Riggers as the industry demands. We also arrange inspections and re-certification of tools and equipment. We have laid down procedures and systems which we employ in all of our day-day activities. As part of our H.S.E. management system, we developed various standard work procedures, policies, checklists and forms to check, monitor and Control Safety during operations.