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Software Features

Magaya Transaction Tracking

Conship can email transaction links in the form of web links to our Customers directly from the Magaya software. The system is automated to give our customers the status of the shipments, including any changes or events that have occurred since the link was created.


  1. Customers receive the most up-to-date information on their transactions
  2. Data is available online 24 hours a day worldwide
  3. Secure data transmission to and from your system through the Magaya network
  4. No expensive servers or additional software is needed.

Magaya LiveTrack

Customers can see all your shipments and know when to expect them. You are connected to all the information you want with Magaya LiveTrack, which is a web-based application that shows real-time details of the transactions you want to see.


  1. Real-Time Status Updates – Want to know if your cargo is in transit? Did it arrive at the destination port yet? Where is the Bill of Lading or Air Waybill? LiveTrack answers all these customer questions for you. Documents are attached and can be viewed and printed at any time.
  2. Secure Access – Magaya LiveTrack is password-protected, ensuring that only authorized users have access to shipment and inventory information. Permissions options include setting access per company or individual. Each customer gets a unique I.D. number. Then you and your staff can search by number quickly.
  3. See Inventory Quantities – Shows inventory availability by part number, description, model number, manufacturer, and other columns you choose. The Dashboard displays all recent transactions from the last five days for a quick way to see everything at a glance.
  4. View Invoices Online – You can view your invoices online, print them and pay them. You can also see any transaction that is related to an invoice. You are kept informed 24/7 and reduce phone.

Magaya Track2Go

With this Magaya Track2Go application, customers get real-time updates of their shipments on their smartphones.

You can track freight, see the status of their shipments, view inventory and more right on your mobile device or smartphone at any time.


  1. Easy to Use – All you need is your Magaya Network ID, the transaction type and number. With your transaction number, you can check it at any time, no matter what time zone you are in.
  2. You get access to any transaction in the Magaya system, such as shipments, invoices, warehouse receipts, cargo releases, purchase orders, and more

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